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Sinful, well, maybe it depends on how one views sin, and maybe the nature of the sex toy (I would imagine ones designed for more than two people to use would probably be a bit questionable). But I don't honestly recall any biblical verse which states that only 1 sex position can be acceptable or that inanimate objects can't get in on it.

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So, what about sex toys? The Bible never addresses the question of sex toys or “marital aids” — so we’d suggest (tentatively) that couples use their own judgment. But we’d be quick to add that mutual consent is absolutely critical. If you have any reservations about sex toys, don’t make a decision until you and your husband can talk ...

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If a sex toy is used, it should bring the couple closer and/or result in one or both of them enjoying sex more. If it results in either person feeling embarrassed or shamed, that is not good. The biggest obstacle to sex toys for most Christians may be finding a way to buy them without being exposed to objectionable products and pornography.

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The practice of using sex toys and porn to enhance eroticism is not ideal and is not without definite dangers. In our counseling practice, Melissa and I are seeing increasing numbers of individuals of both sexes who have become seriously addicted to pornographic stimulation.

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Sex is a God-given mandate, so there is no way that sex is a sin if done with one’s lifelong marriage partner of the opposite sex. The word sex is not found in the Bible. The numerous mentions of the word in society, and the world’s tendency to sneer, have given the word a certain amount of notoriety.

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Finding nothing, she founded her own "sin-free" sex toy business. Book22.com caters to the Christian community with books, toys and occasional advice. The name refers to the Song of Solomon, the ...


Jesus Christ said looking at a woman or man and using your mind to remove her clothes or under-wears then imagine yourself having sex with her in your heart/mind is SIN {"You have heard that it ...

Christian Sex: What Are Christian Couples Allowed to Do?

Is using sex toys a sin? Though using these items is not specifically stated as a sin in the Bible, it could be argued that this is sinful due to lust and unnatural that it is sinful.

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The holy Roman Catholic Church teaches that sex outside of marriage is always gravely immoral. It is always a serious sin against God to have sex of any kind outside of marriage. However, some Catholic couples mistakenly believe that, within marriage, a husband and wife can make use of any kind of sexual acts with one another.

What All Single Christians Need to Know about Masturbation

Masturbation Is a Sin. Masturbation is a sin for several reasons: 1. It is outside of Gods design for sex. God created sex for pleasure, procreation, and covenant between man and woman to indulge ...