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What is a normal amount of dildos to own? : sex

What is a normal amount of dildos to own? I'm a female and I don't have a person I'm able to have sex with so I have 2 dildos already and I am looking into buying more. I just like having a variety to choose from.

Ladies, how many of you own a dildo/vibrator? - GirlsAskGuys

Picked B because I do have those-but I have a dildo too. Sooo. The stat for Japan's not a shock to me honestly. What's a shock is that they have done studies that show that about 62% of the Women in the US own adult toys.

How many dildos and vibratos do you own? - Created by trios ...

Slightly over 10 for dildos/dildo vibes, noticeably over 10 if you include probes. I shudder to think what the answer is for total numbers. Probably close to 50.

How many sex toys do you own? - GirlsAskGuys

So, I own 3 dildos and 3 buttplugs. 2 dildos from Bad-Dragon, a Large Tako and XL Bumblehooves. A... 12 inch regular dildo from from Doc Johnson that I never use because it's just too hard. A little metal buttplug with the jewel on the end. A fairly large black rubber one.

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9 Things To Know About Dildo Use Across The United States

Of the 11,400 sex toy owners across the U.S. , Lovehoney found that roughly three in four own a dildo. But that survey dug even deeper than just ownership numbers. Here nine findings from ...

What percentage of women have a dildo? - Quora

Answer (1 of 4): 50% of women were in their 20s when they first tried a dildo. 20% of women report masturbating at least once a week. Of those women, 60% use a sex toy.

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Large anal glass dildo I have been searching for a glass dildo that is 2 1/2 diameter by about 10 in length and cannot find one. The closest I found was 2.36 diameter by 6. Pro's and Con's of glass I have read and seen alot of posts about Glass toys, I do not own one and was thinking of possibly getting one. But I want honest opinions. What are.

How many sex toys do you own? How many do you use regularly ...

They don't really do much TBH. I like humans too much. level 1. whiskey_clit. ยท 4y. I own one dildo, one vibrator, a hitachi magic wand, a womanizer, nipple clamps, and some ben wa balls. I regularly use the hitachi, and sometimes use the womanizer and the dildo. I never use the vibrator or the nipple clamps. 7.